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Give each participant a sheet of paper, explaining that it represents their self-esteem.

You got bad grades in a test, or you failed at work Your football team lost an important game Why? And which one did the least damage? What can we do to defend our self-esteem when we feel attacked? Optional Activities: Ask the youth to make a list of how they would react to situations that affect their self-esteem, how they could defend themselves from the effect that these situations could have. Ask the youth to draw up a list, for a day, of things or facts that have improved their self-esteem, and to present their lists in small groups.

How is the teenager seen by the Society? How does the teenager contribute to social changes? Objective: Talk about what it is to be a teenager today and help teenagers to identify their possibilities. Represent what you imagined through an object. Talk about your object to the group and, together, define in a sentence or an image what it means to be a child. Talking about adolescence: Think that the child grew up and entered adolescence.

Talk about what happened to her. Choose an object that represents the teenager or your own adolescence.

They discuss which object best represents the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Talking about the new in adolescence: Request that the participants make a list of important events in their lives, highlighting the “first time” in which they occurred. With whom the teenagers talk about this stage of their lives. Each adolescent is asked to write 3 personal characteristics on paper, so that, based on these characteristics, the link can be identified by the other participants.

Why do appearances often deceive? Do stereotypes influence people’s behavior and feelings? In what way? Everything that seems to be is? And what is it seems to be? Development: 1. Development: Divide the group into 4 subgroups. Put this work in a visible place. Objective: List attitudes to improve the marital relationship. Development: Divide the participants into two teams: husbands x wives.

Material: Two-color balloons, one color for men and one for women. We will measure the level of stress in your relationship, arising from the daily anxieties and irritations. But if it is:

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