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Photos: Sa Travel Blog. I did it all with Poésie. I waited for her on arrival, with the bouquet and the engagement rings. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Destiny I Engagement Ring. See prices and models See prices and models. Love 0. Marriage Proposals She was proposed in the way she always dreamed of: with a romantic surprise and an emerald ring. The Italian restaurant Bota, at Marina da Glória, offers an exclusive menu to couples. The entrance is made by the Plateau de Fruits de Mer, fresh oysters, scallops and crayfish to Thai sauces.

As a main course, the diner receives Magret de canard at the table with green papaya salad and tamarind sauce. Dinner is sweetly ended with a Mille-Feuille aux fruits thai typiques mil-leaf with typical Thai fruits. Churrasqueira, in Ipanema, prepared a special menu for the couples who chose it to celebrate.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Coordenadas Bar, in Botafogo, invites lovers to a night of popstar in which they take the stage and put on a show. The party continues into the night. Among the desserts a thousand sheets of pistachio with dark chocolate or pie Opera of strawberry and pistachio.

In fact, I wouldn’t even know how to live without you, you know? Today we completed our first year of dating and a lot of love. All we needed was our love and the intense desire we felt for being together. And it’s really great to be with you and be able to share everything with you. Love you very much! Congratulations on our first year of life together!

Hundreds of days with the anxiety of being together; to hug and kiss you, to feel your embrace. And I promise that I will always deserve your love! I love you madly! Celebrating 1 Year of Dating. Congratulations on our first year of dating.

A year of dating. Together we are stronger than distance. A Promise of Eternal Love. My best gift is you. Thyagow 7 Jan Who are you dating? H4rdc0r3cu 7 Jan Do we know each other?

“1 year, 12 months, 54 weeks, days, hours, minutes, I want you to know that on these dating days you have me. Days It was really easy to get here, wasn’t it? A year sharing laughter, thoughts and lots of love. Today, I am sure of it all.

MegaFelipeBR 18 days. ViniciusLucas 9 days. Your love is peace, it’s warmth. And it only took one year of your love, one year of dating, for me to be sure that I want to spend many more years with you. I hope that this year will multiply and become eternity. I love you now and forever. Declare yourself for your love even at the beginning of the courtship. We are proof of that. Despite all the difficulties, we never lost sight of what we really wanted, which was to be together.

Today, we celebrate a year of dating and with great happiness we can prove that everything was worth it. Our love won everything, and will continue to win.

When we know what we want, when we know what is good for us, we have the strength to fight and face all challenges. I believe in us, and I will never give up. We will remain committed to achieving our happy ending forever! Love you so much my love! Congratulations on our first year of dating. I love you! Happy a year of dating! But if you want something more reserved, send it directly to his zap a.

Your hug is the safest place in the world. Congratulations, today our love turns 1! At your side, I had the happiest months of my life.

Happy 1 year of love! Phrases of love a year of dating See the beautiful phrases of love, which we made for you to express your feelings, through images and passionate words. Express yourself through Facebook, when sharing.

Or copy and send for the love of your life. I promise I will never give up on you.

Congratulations on our 1 year of dating! I want you forever! Did you like the phrases of 1 year of dating?

Nothing like time, to show what is real, what is real. As time goes by, everything becomes clear. It is possible to discover the most hidden secrets, the most sincere people and the purest feelings. In this 1 year, I had many discoveries and certainties. That is why our relationship has become so solid, as we have always made the truth the basis of our relationship.

the contact between pairs formed in the relationship apps. According to a survey conducted by the Happn app, more than.

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