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Based on the E.L.James book series, 50 Shades of Gray became a successful film franchise, with the first film released in 2015 and starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Now, Netflix repeats this success with 365 DNI.

365 DNI tells the story of Laura Biel, a young woman who goes on vacation to Sicily with her boyfriend and friends. On the second day of the trip, on her 29th birthday, Laura is kidnapped by the head of a Sicilian mafia family, young Massimo.

With a past marked by death and violence, he tries to make Laura love him within 365 days.

In addition to causing controversy, 365 DNI has established itself among the most watched movies on Netflix for its various sensual scenes. The platform also has a large catalog of erotic films; check out the main examples below!

Starring Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Duck Butter is a touching and sensitive exploration of female intimacy and sexuality. The 2018 film tells the story of two women, who, tired of the infidelity and lies of their relationships, agree to spend 24 hours together trying to better explore their intimacies, vulnerabilities and sexualities. The film was highly praised for its realistic perspective on sex and human relationships.

Newness is a creative and modern work by director Drake Doremus and producer Ridley Scott. The film follows the story of a couple who meets on a dating app and after a while decides to try an open relationship. The film brings interesting reflections on sexuality and relationships in the modern world, modified forever by the advent of technology. The film also intelligently addresses the issue of monogamy in the modern world, and whether it is still a consistent practice. Newness stars Laia Costa and Nicholas Hoult.

Zoe’s Secret Life is an interesting erotic thriller. The film follows the story of Zoe, a successful businesswoman, married to the man she loves and the mother of 3 children. However, she hides a secret that could end her marriage. Zoe is a nymphomaniac, and has a compulsion to have sex with unknown men. While getting involved with several partners, she tries to balance her life and hide her escapades from the family.

Branquinha brings another story of forbidden love. This time, between a middle-class white girl and a drug dealer arrested in New York. In a hot summer, Leah does everything to get her boyfriend out of jail. The film was highly praised for its realistic approach to the relationship of today’s youth with sex, and for its fluid narrative.

With a cast of big names like James Franco, Christian Slater and Molly Ringwald, King Cobra is a mind-blowing journey into the gay porn world of the 2000s, based on real facts. The film is inspired by the biography of porn star Brent Corrigan and the murder of producer Bryan Kocis. The film is a fascinating look at the history of an industry that rarely gets the spotlight, and in addition to having a good dose of sex, it also presents a shocking and well-constructed story.

Elisa e Marcela is an excellent film, and its scenes are even in the background given the beauty and sensitivity of the plot. The film is based on real events and tells the love story of two Galician teachers in the early 20th century. The union of Elisa and Marcela is considered the only lesbian marriage approved by the Catholic Church, since Elisa disguised herself as a man to marry her beloved. The Netflix movie is a beautiful look at this very important story, and it was shot completely in black and white.

MILF follows the story of Cecile, Elize and Sonia, 3 mature friends who embark on a trip to the South of France to enjoy Cecile’s beach house for the last time, before the property is sold. After a fun road trip, the trio of protagonists meets three young navigation instructors, all in their 20s. The film develops as an erotic comedy, varying between humorous scenes and sex sequences.

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