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Tell us, male: what do you think about apps for sex? Are you from the old guard and still don’t believe that they can really work? Or are you already an active user, who has already achieved good sexual adventures by investing time in the apps?

According to a survey conducted by the website ParPerfeito, the reality is more for the second option, and does it affect or not affect our sexual creativity? =)

With 18,000 people interviewed, the study revealed that 75% of men spend an average of 1 hour browsing ParPerfeito to meet people, while on their social networks the average daily browsing time is 2 hours.

The use of apps for sex and relationships is already part of the daily life of Brazilians, single or not. Some committed men use the apps to try to warm up the relationship, looking for a third person for menáge or some other sexual fantasy.

But it is the singles that move the apps the most. The survey also revealed that the best time of day to chat with people on the site is after 9 pm. Respondents also chose the three best days to flirt online: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Did you write it down? So check out our list of the 13 best apps for sex and relationships that are out there!

Among the apps for sex and relationship, Adopt a Guy is one of the only ones that the boss is the woman. That’s right. With the fun proposal of being a good party store, the site classifies male profiles as products and women are consumers. If she likes you, she puts you in the cart. And for you to talk to her, first you need to accept her charm.

This makes things more difficult, of course, but when the match takes place, it is practically guaranteed that she is interested in you. It is available for iOS, Android and also on the desktop.

If you’re looking for something serious and don’t have the patience for flirting and flirting, Kickoff was made for you: an app for those looking for serious relationships. It tracks the user’s contacts on Facebook and selects potential partners, according to characteristics such as profession, religion, interests and education level.

The user can approve or not the suggestions. When someone is approved and that person also approved you, that’s when the match takes place and then a chat is started to start the conversation. Available for iOS and Android.

This is one of those sex apps that finds people who have crossed your path. Imagine that cat that you saw on the bus and thought it would never be possible to meet again. Or that blonde from your dentist’s reception that makes you crazy just looking, every time… now you know how and where to look.

It is necessary to enjoy the profile of the other person, through the heart button. If the other user also does this, there is a “crush” and a conversation window is opened. Happn is available for iOS and Android.

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