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How do I send/read my messages?

You will need to upgrade your account to the Silver membership to send/receive messages. Click here to upgrade your account .

If you are already a Silver member;
Go to “Mailbox”
Go to incoming, outgoing or new message.

How can I create a named folder within my mailbox?

Go to “Mailbox”
Go to incoming or outgoing message
Click on new folder
A prompt will appear for you to create a folder name
Create folder name and click ok
To view folder go to choose and choose folder you wish to view.

How can I save my messages and put in a folder?

Go to Mailbox
Go to incoming or outgoing message
Tick checked on the message you wish to save
Go to the lower area of the page and click on move
Choose required folder

How long will my messages be kept for?

Messages are kept forever, however the system only allows for 100 messages per user, so old messages will be deleted to make space for new messages. Chat messages are kept for 1 day only. You can delete your messages by;
Tick checked

How do I stop a member sending me messages?

Go to “Your Account” on the left menu to block a user
Go to Preferences
Block user by entering the username
Click on Block User

Once I have blocked a user, how do I unblock?

Go to Your Account
Go to Preferences
You can unblock a user at anytime if you wish by going to blocked user and click on remove.

What is a Flirt? How do I send a Flirt?

Flirts are picture messages you can send to initiate contact with other members. Is a brilliant way to get started and to initiate contact with your new friends and break the ice.
To send/receive flirts you will need to upgrade your account to the Silver membership. Click here to upgrade your account.


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