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General Information

Why Online dating?
What are the Benefits of Online dating?
What are your basic guidelines of Online dating?
Is Online dating safe?
Is my Email address confidential?


How do I join?
How much does it cost?
What does the SILVER membership include?
How do I login once I am a registered member?
I have forgotten my username and password what do I do?

How do I search?
How do I view or edit my profile?
How do I view or edit my match?
How do I view or edit my interests?

My Picture
How do I upload my picture?
Why should I upload a picture?
How many pictures can I upload?
Why is my picture not displayed after I uploaded it?
I cannot upload my picture; can you upload it for me?
Why does my picture not cover the whole picture box area?
Why has my picture disappeared?
Can I change my photos?

Who likes me & My best pals
How do I find out who likes me?
If someone has bookmarked me what does it mean?
How do I bookmark someone I like?
What is my best pals?

How do I send/read my messages?
How can I create a named folder within my mailbox?
How can I save my messages and put in a folder?
How long will my messages kept for?
How do I stop a member sending me messages?
Once I have blocked a user, how do I unblock?
What is a Flirt? How do I send a Flirt

Talk/Live chat
What is talk/live chat?
How do I use talk/live chat?
How do I accept a talk/live chat invitation?
While I am waiting for a user to respond to my chat request can I view other areas within the site?

Your Account & Payment
How do I view my Account status and history?
How can I change and modify my email alerts?
Making a payment? What type of cards do you accept?
Can I pay by another form of payment apart from my credit or debit card?
Are my card details safe?
Once a payment has been made, how long does it take for my account to be upgraded?
Will my card be re-billed once my Silver Memberships expires?
How can I cancel my Account?

Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / More questions
What do I do if I come across a profile that I think is not legitimate?
What do I do if I come across someone that I think is not sticking to the terms and conditions and causing upset?
Terms and Conditions?
Privacy Policy?
I have read the FAQ’s and still have another question, what do I do?


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