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Why Online dating?

The new phenomenon of online dating is here to stay. Before these time the only places you could meet a potential partner would be while out socialising or at a party or at work. Online dating now gives you the opportunity to meet many more people in fun and safe environment and to find out quite a lot about them in a shorter space of time. So has dating become much easier – the answer is definitely Yes!

What are the Benefits of Online dating?

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What are your basic guidelines of Online dating?

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Is Online dating safe?

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Is my Email address confidential?

Yes, You will be interacting within a safeonline environment. Our online environment is a safe community and your personal email address, which is given to us upon registration, is kept confidential. Never disclose to other members your personal details i.e. telephone number, personal email address, home address etc until you feel comfortable that the time is right to do so.
Remember you have the option to remain anonymous with you new friends until you so please and when you feel comfortable to exchange more details.
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(Please also read our dating guidelines & dating tips).


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