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How do I upload my picture?

Go Your picture gallery
Go to instructions to add picture
Go to add/edit picture

Why should I upload a picture?

Displaying a photo of yourself will automatically increase your chances of meeting that special person by 50-60%. Click here to see Tips on uploading your photo.

How many pictures can I upload?

You can upload up to four pictures. Click here to see Tips on uploading your photo.

Why is my picture not displayed after I uploaded it?

  • Did you click upload photo after you browsed for your particular picture?
  • After your photo is uploaded it should be approved by the administrator in order to be displayed on the site.

I cannot upload my picture; can you upload it for me?

We would suggest you try and upload your picture yourself, as this is the easiest and quickest method. If you have tried a couple of times and are still experiencing problems. Just send an email to and attach your photo together with your username and we will do all possible to upload your picture for you.

Why does my picture not cover the whole picture box area?

The way our programming has been built. For best results we would suggest you upload a picture that is no larger than 120 x 180 pixels and the file size is below 100k. For best results we would suggest you upload a passport size type or a vertical type (long style) of picture instead of a short horizontal style of picture.

Why has my picture disappeared?

Our site is constantly monitored on a daily basis. Maybe your picture was not suitable for our online community. If this is the case you will be sent an email request to ask you to try and upload another picture. Please note we reserve the right to monitor and/or remove for any reason any information, photos and other material posted by you.

Can I change my photos?

Yes, just go to “Your picture gallery” and then to Add/edit picture.


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