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Dating Guidelines
Silver Gallery Guidelines

Following are some guidelines to assist you on your journey to make it more enjoyable with us.

  • Remember you have the option to remain anonymous with your new friends until you so please and only when you feel comfortable then exchange more details
  • Never disclose your personal details i.e. telephone number, personal email address, home address etc. with anyone until you feel comfortable that the time is right to do so. (See our privacy policy& terms and conditions)

  • Browse quite a few profiles before making a shortlist of potential matches. From this shortlist read through the profile information to find out as much as you can about the suitable person to avoid making hasty decisions

  • If you decide to make contact at any stage through your own email address, it’s a good idea to set up an email address just for dating such as a separate hotmail account.

  • Make use of the messaging system to learn and find out more about your chosen one. When you feel the time is right you could make contact by phone and then pursue a personal relationship. But do remember – when phoning for the first time use the blocking technique on your phone to prevent your personal number showing up on their caller ID as you are still getting to know them.

  • So – how long should you be sending messages and phoning each other before you meet. We say – the choice is yours – but – we would recommend for about four weeks as this give you enough time to get a real impression and to know whether this person might be your special someone.

  • We have mentioned honesty in a few other sections. But once again we emphasise that honesty is the best policy as people that lie always get found out.

  • Do not upload fake photographs. Ensure the photos you display are a true impression of yourself. There is no point uploading a photo of your self taken many years ago, as you would have probably changed.

  • It is probably a good idea once you get to know someone a little better – to send them a few extra photos of yourself in different attire i.e. casual, work and evening wear.

  • Be polite as our community is a fun loving community – any obscene language will not be tolerated within our environment and if you cause upset or offence your profile will be investigated and unfortunately removed if required. As these areas will be regularly monitored.

  • If you come across any profile, which you think is not legitimate, please contact us and the profile will be investigated.

  • Remember that interaction with your new friends should be fun and enjoyable. If you find the response that you receive from one person is not what you expect, be courteous and politely say – It was a pleasure to get to know you but feel we are not suited for a long-term relationship.

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