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Terms & Conditions
Silver Gallery Dating and Friends
Terms and Conditions


1.You must be 18 years old or over to register as a member of
2.You have not been convicted of an offence connected to violence and /or any offence under the Protection Harassment Act 1997 or any statutory enactment replacing or amending such Act
3.You have not been subject to any injunction or ordered to pay damages or compensation under the Protection Harassment Act 1997 or any statutory enactment replacing or amending such Act
4.By using this website, you represent that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement
5.The Service is for the personal use of members only
6.Businesses, companies, organisations may not become members of this Service and should not use the Service for any purpose
7.The use of the website and membership in the service is void where prohibited
8.You must agree to abide by the conditions of this Agreement

Basis of Contract is a service for adults to meet each other online operated by
2.This is a legally binding agreement between you and us for the provision of this Service
3.These conditions shall govern the Agreement between you and us
4.If you wish to become a member and communicate with other members and make use of this Service read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance of them by following the instructions in the registration process
5.The agreement sets out legally binding terms and use of website, membership in this Service
6.Our employees, sub contractors and/or agents are not authorised to make representations or statements concerning the Service unless confirmed by us in writing
7.You must not rely on any representation and/or warranty that is not in accordance with this Agreement
8.We reserve the right to monitor and/or remove for any reason any information, photos and other material posted by you
9.We have the right to refuse to register applications for membership and terminate membership at any time
10.The agreement between you and us shall come into effect on our acceptance of your application for membership. No application for membership shall be deemed to be accepted by us until you have received confirmation of your membership from us by email
11.Unless payment is received you will not be able to contact other members or read and reply to other members messages

Registration, price and payment

1.You may register as a member for free (Sign up)
2.If you wish to communicate with members and use certain parts of the Service you must become a subscriber. Once you have signed up go to upgrade page.
3.The price list is part of the contract and price and increases in price is shown on upgrade page
4.Prices are inclusive of vat and any details given in relation to exchange rates approximate only and may vary from time to time
5.Reasonable notice will be given to you if we decide to change subscription
6.Payment shall not be deemed to be made until we have received either cash or cleared funds in the sum of the full amount outstanding
7.All monies paid to us by you are non refundable and cancellation and/or termination of this Agreement by you or us at any time for any reason will not entitle you to a refund of monies paid

Your use of the Service and the content posted on the site

1.You will not post your personal details such as your telephone number, address, email address on your profile or any other information which would allow members to contact you directly
2.You are solely responsible for the content that you publish or display and/or post on the Service, or transmit to other members
3.We are entitled to delete and review any content, messages, flirt messages, photos that in our sole judgement violate this Agreement or which might be illegal or that might violate the rights, harms or threaten the safety of other members
4.You will not transmit, post information, photos, materials which breaches, infringes, violates a members rights contrary to any law, statute and/or regulations
5.By posting content to any public area of Silver Gallery Dating and you automatically grant us license to copy, use, perform, display, distribute such information and content
6.The following is a partial list of the kind of content that is illegal or prohibited on this website. It includes content that:

Solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users
Contains restricted or passwords only access, or hidden pages or images that are not linked to or from another accessible page
Promotes information that is false, promotes illegal activities
Conduct that is abusive, obscene, threatening, defamatory or libellous
Harasses or advocates harassment of another person
Engages in commercial activities and /or sales without prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising and pyramid schemes
Patently offensive to the online community, such as content that promotes hatred, physical harm, racism, bigotry of any kind against a group or person
Provides material that exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manners, or solicits personal information from a person under 18 years old
Involves the transmission of junk mail, chain letters or unsolicited mailing and/or spamming
Provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating some ones privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses

7.You will use the Service in a manner consistent with any and all applicable law and regulations
8.You will not solicit other members business, buy and/or sell products, services through the Service
9.We cannot monitor members offline the website
10.You will not post chain letters and/or junk mail to other members
11.You will not assign, transfer, part, authorise any other person to use your membership
12.Illegal and/or unauthorized use of web site for the purposes of sending unsolicited framing of or linking to the web site will be investigated by use and legal action commenced
13.You must not copy information and/or material from website
14.We reserve the right to restrict emails which a member may send to other members in any 48 hours to a number it deems appropriate in its sole discretion

Your profile

1.You may view profiles and details of other members
2.You must acknowledge that members will view your profile
3.We reserve the right to copy, reproduce information posted on the web site
4.Disclosure of any confidential, sensitive information is at your own risk
5.The information posted on your profile must be accurate


1.The agreement will remain in full force while you are a member of the Service
2.You may terminate your membership at any time
3.If you fail to make payments when due we will terminate your membership
4.We reserve the right to terminate your membership if you fail to provide information within a reasonable period of time
5.Termination of your membership is effective upon receipt written notice and/or email notice
6.We reserve the right to terminate your membership if the information you post on the site is potentially damaging to business
7.We will terminate your membership as long as advance written notice is provided by you to us

Our responsibilities

1.As an online provider we will operate the web site for the Service with reasonable skill and care
2.We may temporarily suspend the Service for operation reasons. We promise to restore the Service as soon as possible.
3.We will do our best to maintain the operation of the site
4.We may make changes to the Service
5.We will not be liable if we cannot do what it promises in the contract if it is beyond our control such as technical malfunction including loss of telephone network and/or loss, damage, personal injury, death resulting from any one use of the web site or Service or content posted on the web site or transmitted to others

Intellectual property rights and confidentiality

1.All intellectual property rights in the Service shall be owned by us
2.You warrant and represent that you are the author of all information posted in your profile
3.You assign full copyright in your profile
4.You waive all rights to be identified as the author of your profile
5.You agree that all information posted on your profile will be kept confidential except for the purposes of the site
6.You will use your commercial endeavours to keep your personal details such as address, email address, telephone number confidential


1.We do not provide a warranty as to the accuracy of the information and/ or material provided in the Service
2.We do not provide a warranty as to the service, results, availability and/or uninterrupted service

Member disputes and dispute resolution

1.You are solely responsible for your interactions with members. We reserve the right but have no obligation to monitor disputes between you and other members
2.We will try to solve any disagreement quickly and efficiently. If you are not happy and want to take court proceedings you must take court proceedings in the United Kingdom


1.We cannot guarantee and promise any specific result from the use of the web site
2.We can make no warranties and representations as to the quality and fitness for a particular purpose except to operate the website for the Service with reasonable skill and care of an online provider
3.We are not responsible for conduct whether online or offline of the use of the web site or members of the Service
4.Reliance upon advise, opinion, statement and/or information is at your own risk
5.You will use common sense and caution when using the site

Limitation on liability

1.In the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by us you use this site at own risk
2.If we breach the arrangement of the agreement we will not be responsible for losses suffered except those that are reasonably foreseeable
3. We do not have any liability of any sort for act of providers of telecommunication service or for faults in or failures of their networks


1.You agree to indemnify and hold and affiliates, officers, agents and other employees and partners harmless from any loss, claim, claim or demand made by a third party arising out of your use and service in violation of this agreement and arising from a breach of this agreement and breach of your representations and warranties.

Modifications to this agreement and release

1.We may alter this agreement giving reasonable notice in advance of amendments taking effect
2.Any amendments to this agreement will be deemed to be accepted after the relevant period expired
3.If you make a claim against another member you will agree to pursue the claim independently and release us from the claim, liability, damages, compensation and you will also defend us and hold us harmless in any claim

Contact information

1.The site and service is operated by Silver Gallery Dating and Friends, 1 Brook Court, Blakeney Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR1 1HG
2.If you have any queries about the right and restrictions above please contact by email to

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