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Dating Tips
Silver Gallery Dating Tips
  • Read through your profile a couple of times to ensure your profile is a true impression of yourself. Does the information create a picture of who you are and what you are looking for?

  • Read through their profile a couple of times taking a look at their interests and hobbies and also the type of person they are looking for. Could this person be a potential match for you?

  • Ensure that your photo is clearly displayed with your profile. Choose a good clear ‘head and shoulders’ shot of yourself smiling. A happy faced will always be more appealing than a miserable one.

  • Remember – displaying a photo of yourself will automatically increase your chances of meeting that special person by 50-60%. Upload your photo by going to – your picture gallery.

  • Send as many picture flirts as you can to people you like and that interest you. This first initiation will show that you are interested and open to receive replies.

  • When sending a message via our email messaging format. Firstly think about what you want to say and then write it down either on paper or in a word processor programme. Doing this enables you to look over you message a couple of times to check the grammar and spelling is legible. Try and write something that’s interesting fun and positive about you.
    Remember – First impressions always count.

  • Try and make your messages sound interesting. You could refer to a point or subject of interest mentioned in their profile and also add a sentence from our message ideas (see our online dating communication). Above all show interest and be genuinely interested.

  • Remember – Interaction with new friends should be fun and enjoyable, like a journey of new adventure, which bring you happiness. If you find the response that you receive from one person on a continuous basis is not what you expect, be courteous and politely say - It was a pleasure to get to know you but feel we are not suited for a long-term relationship and move on.

  • When creating your profile remember honesty is the best policy. People that lie always get found out eventually and lying spoils your chances of a relationship.

  • So – how long should you be sending messages and phoning each other before you meet? We say – the choice is yours – but – we would recommend for about four weeks as this give you enough time to get a real impression and to know whether this person might be your special someone.

  • Never disclose your personal details i.e. telephone number, personal email address, home address etc with anyone until you feel comfortable that the time is right to do so.

  • Never mention sex or imply that you are just looking for sex. As this is not that type of site.

  • Remember to have fun! Be positive and talk about all your good points and look for a relationship that brings you happiness, development and growth.

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